How to deal with Wedding Pressure

How to handle wedding stress

Every single bride I realize (and lots of grooms too) has had a bit of a meltdown pre-wedding. It might have been around in the form of an strongly authored email, a rant among close friends or a line with your partner but whatsoever it was it’s important to acknowledge your emotions and talk all of them out ~ whether that’s with a trustworthy good friend or even a specialist counsellor!

Another great tip is to absolutely nothing in on what aspect of planning is causing you the most pressure. It could be as simple as budgeting, finding a hair and makeup musician or obtaining quotes right from suppliers although pinpointing it can benefit you work to find solutions and alleviate most of that pressure. It’s also really worth leaning over a reliable support system, certainly a bridesmaid or loved one who’s experienced the process ahead of and can share their suggestions, tricks and hacks along.

Likewise, try not to compare your wedding to anyone else’s – is your day and should be what you wish it to become! If your Great aunt Dolores starts referring to her aunty Jenny’s picture-perfect flowers and the astonishing canapes the girl had at her wedding simply tune her out or change the subject.

Finally, set aside coming back yourself each week to focus on things that make you happy. It might be as simple as a walk in nature, dutch girls a sizzling hot bath or binge viewing The Office for the 100th period – it is very important to take more time out and reflect on what this whole planning is really about: your matrimony!